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“A subtle tale … about ennui, loneliness, and finding one’s place in the world.” 

          - Clarion Reviews

“Laugh out loud funny and also thoughtful and philosophical. A very promising debut.” 

          - David Oliver Cohen, New York Times bestselling author of White Girl Problems

“A finely crafted narrative …  rhythmic, balanced, and precise.” 

          - BlueInk Review


“An entertaining, thought-provoking … novel that confronts and explores serious issues with wry, observational humor.” 

          - IndieReader


“Will resonate with anyone who’s struggled with their identity and their ability to connect with others. The kind of story that stays with you.” 

          - Tanner Cohen, creator of the Audible Original hit podcast series, Sorry Charlie Miller

Rider weaves a candid, modern tale of anxiety and the complicated relationship men have with art, nature, and themselves. A bold and raw novel about male identity, anger and shame that’s somehow also quirky and funny. This book should come with a mirror. Rider’s antihero, Jimmy, is eminently relatable and resonates whether you find yourself looking at the road ahead or the path you’ve already chosen. 

          - Edward Ugel, Author of Money for Nothing and I’m with Fatty 


“With wit, honesty, and a ton of heart, Jeremy Rider’s debut novel, Fade Away, tells the story of a flawed, yet loveable, young Jewish man who loses his way in the liminal space between post-college life and real adulthood. This novel will resonate with anyone who has experienced the exhilaration and terror that accompany a life transition and the humility and persistence required to reboot the body, mind, and spirit.”   

          - Michelle Brafman, author of Washing the Dead


“An intriguing … bildungsroman about an aspiring artist.” 

          - Kirkus Reviews

“Rider creates an antihero for a new generation, one part Woody Allen, one part Holden Caulfield, one part Vincent Van Gogh. Mix it, shake it and stir, and Fade Away will linger in the mind long after reading.”

          - Steven Lee Beeber, Author of The Heebie-Jeebies at CGBG’s: A Secret History

            of Jewish Punk


“Through Jimmy Miller, we find ourselves wondering and wandering to figure out what life is supposed to mean; how we can find purpose and if there is an actual reason to be here. As existentially moving as Rider’s writing is, the reader never gets lost because his writing is funny, relatable, provocative, riveting and racy. You will never want to put the book down because it reads easily, but reaches profoundly. If you are twenty-five, you have to read it, but for those of us who are older, it only reminds us of everything that we all travelled.”

          - Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz, Author of The Gift of Grieving

Fade Away balances the joys of language with bolts of insight and surprise. I fell for its hero right away, earnestly blundering through his mistakes of youth and passion, the sensations of his awakenings sizzling off the page. If Fade Away was a movie, it would combine the heart and humor of Stand By Me with the pathos and nostalgia of The Big Chill. This debut makes you long to relive the lessons that you've managed to survive.
          - Ron Seybold, Author of Stealing Home

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